We appreciate the stories, thoughts and prayers of both those who knew Jaxon and those who've only heard stories of him.

We turned off the guestbook but plan to leave the existing comments up for as long as possible.

Who was Jaxon?

Jaxon Kent Logan. Who am I? Well there are several obvious things about who I am, such as; I am the youngest of four children. I have two dogs, two birds and a cat named frosty. I have lived in Palmer all of my life - even being born at Valley Hospital. Now, these are the boring facts, but who really cares, I want to tell you who I really am.

First of all, let me share what I like. I started skating at age four around our family ice rink, holding onto the back of a chair. That was the beginning of a love affair with hockey. I have been skating for over 12 years and have played hockey for 9 years. I love the sport because it requires coordination, skill and discipline. It has been a family tradition starting with my dad playing hockey in school, followed by my older brother Dustin playing for Palmer High School and now I trail in their footsteps. I started snowboarding three years ago. I love being outdoors and I love the snow. It is my source of entertainment, which brings me to my favorite activity - snowmobiling. If I am not going 100 miles an hour then I am just not happy. I spend a lot of winter days on my sled. It is a time to be with friends and with my family. It is also a time to be alone. I can get on my sled and just go. I can forget any troubles I may be having. It is my way of releasing stress. Even during the summer months, I can be found sitting on my snow machine dreaming of the winter days past and those to come. In the land of the midnight sun, I fill the long days with fishing and hunting. I started fishing when I was old enough of hold a pole. My dad would strap me to the back of the truck and I would fish with him until I caught my limit. To this day, my dad and I are still great at getting up at 4:00am to slay the Silvers.

I am glad I live in Alaska; it gives me the chance to have fun things to do because one thing I do not like is to be bored. I like being busy. I hate the feeling of not having something to do. It gives me a feeling of being worthless. I wonder why I am sitting at home when all my friends are out having fun. I like to be involved and doing something worthwhile. I also do not like zucchini. No matter how my mom tries to disguise it, zucchini bread, zucchini soup, zucchini in stir fry, it all tastes the same - like zucchini. And I do not like zucchini - any way!

So far I have shared what I like and what I do not like. However, to find out who I really am, one would have to understand my beliefs, because my life to this point has been strongly shaped by those principles. I believe it is important to stand for something. The standards I have chosen to follow give me a guideline for my life. I have decided to stay away from drugs or drinking alcohol. I want to be honest when dealing with other people. I think it is important to be kind and to treat other with respect, especially with girls. A lot of my friends, who are girls, appreciate the way I treat them. I don't say inappropriate comments to get a laugh from my buddies. I would rather have the respect from the girls anyway. I even open the car door for my mom. I believe in the principles of strong families and good marriages. These lessons were taught to me by my parents. I also believe that it is important to have a spiritual side. My parents taught me about prayer and religion. Through my own personal study and prayer I have come to find out the truth of these things for myself. The things I have learned will be the foundation for the rest of my life and my family's life to come.

My likes and dislikes an my beliefs and behaviors have created me. I am Jaxon Kent Logan.

Written by Jaxon - 2002

78 Haylee FishbackFebruary 3, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? Friend
Hey Jax,
I was just thinking about you today. Hope all is well. Miss ya bud!
77 NessaFebruary 2, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? Friend
I cannot believe it has been over 2 years. I felt myslef thinking about all the memories we have had. Sorry I haven't writen in awhile. I have been doing good. Just working hard and going to school. Tonight i found myself crying. I was thinking about you and some things that have happened recently. I just wanted to thank you for all the greatness you bestowed upon me and everyone else that you have touched in your life. I am a better person to have known you. Love you Jax, I will be thinking about you till we meet again.
76 DarciJanuary 29, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? My Brother was an Icecat with Jaxon
Hi Jaxon...I visited you here and left a message two years ago, a couple of months after your last game. I was at that game, and I was thinking of it today. I didn't know you, but I remember the sorrow I and my whole family felt at your passing. From all I read about you then and all the things I read about you now, I can tell you are a great guy, and blessed with a wonderful family. My brother Travis, your old teammate, has been serving his mission in Brazil and comes home in two months. He has had an awesome experience there. I know you are serving somewhere too. God bless you and your family, as they wait to pick up their missionary someday...in the best destination ever!
75 SaraJanuary 27, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? ...
Oh Jax, I felt you so many times tonight, thanks for your strength. I held boys in my arms and tried to comfort them, tried to sooth away fears and frustrations. I told them it was my job to take care of them - that I was there for them and I wouldn't let anything happen. You know I feel the same about you right? You know I consider you mine right? You know I did everything I could right? I wish I could have changed things. I wish I would have been able to fix it all. The one thing I hate about my job is when I'm powerless against an injury - when no matter what I can't do a darn thing....
Last week we all stood on the ice and coach retraced your steps. Telling the story always brings tears to my eyes - but this year my guys did something that made my heart happy. After we were done, and they all listened intently and respectfully, we were huddled around your spot on the far blue line... Coach said a little something, I said a little something, Lee said a little something.... and then the guys all tapped their sticks on the ice. YOUR spot on the ice.
It was less than 24 hour later when our #11 went down to block a shot - right over that exact spot on the ice. We were on the penalty kill, he slid just like you, arm up just like you, #11 just like you... but he didn't get the assist - you still hold the cake on that one!
I guess this is what it comes down to. You have changed me. I'm a different athletic trainer because of you, I'm a different person because of you, I'm a different friend because of you - and i'm grateful for it. I love you tons buddy. I would have given anything for it to be different -- but I'm grateful for the benefits that came in the midst of tragedy. Love you - see you soon.
74 McKenzie January 26, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? BYU Friend
It has been just over two years and I haven't been able to write on this page. One of the last memories i have of you is of us up at my cabin riding the snowmobiles. Oh we had so much fun. I look at the pictures of us often. The only home game that I didn't go to all that season was the one that we lost you in. I know that you are where you are supose to be. I miss you very much, but can't wait to see you again.
73 April and Amy FuchsJanuary 26, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? Thru stories told by dear Palmer friends
Logan family - Thank you for sharing Jaxon with all of us through this site. It is touching and beautiful - we often wish we had done something similar for our brother. Your faith has been so inspirational to us. Our family thinks of yours often, but especially at this time of year. Take care of each other!
72 Beverly BarreraJanuary 24, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? I'm his grandma
Hi, Jaxie...(Grandma's pet name):
Last Sunday marked the second anniversary of your leaving us. I was very busy with Church, a lesson and then preparing dinner for two of your cousin's birthdays. Five of your cousins and a friend came up from BYU. Oh, how I wish you could have been with them. We all miss you and are just grateful for the knowledge that you are not too far away and are busy with your work there. We know that "we will all be together again someday." Isn't that a Primary song you used to sing?
Oh, how we love you and cherish the memories of your time here with us. I love your parents and your brothers and sisters and are very proud of the wonderful people they are. I'm sure you are proud of them, too. Until next time, Jaxon, I love you. Grandma
71 Elder FennellJanuary 22, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? bro
i love ya bro i cant wait to see ya ROCK ON!!!
70 SaraJanuary 22, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? ...
Well Jaxxy, so here we are again, we survived it again. It seems that as the time passes you become more cemented in my heart, and I'm grateful for that. You truly are a part of my daily life and I cherish every moment of it. I love the memories, the motivation, the example, the desire to be better because of you. I am trying my best to make you proud buddy... you left behind an amazing legacy. Love you tons - thanks for everything!
69 Jeremy & Laura HustonJanuary 22, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? Friend
We were thinking of you tonight and praying for your family. Lots of Love,
68 DarcyJanuary 21, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? Mom
We had dinner together today, Dustin, Melinda, Xander, Chauri, your dad and me. We talked about you - we laughed, we cried, we remembered. Special people and special thoughts have been a wonderful part of our day. Your dad shovelled a path to your special spot at the cemetary, we brushed the snow off your monument and we all stood there - grateful for the memories and to have you in our life. We love you son. Dad and Mom
67 Dan HawsJanuary 21, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? teamate/friend
Your life has changed so many of us. I miss ya buddy and long to skate with you again. I went home a month or so ago and ran into Jake serving in our ward. We talked about you and that night we were forced to say our goodbyes to you. He showed me his ROCK ON #11 patch on the inside of his coat. I have mine sewn to my backpack and people ask me about it all the time. All I can do is smile and think of the hits you made in San Jose. You truly rocked then and still do now. We miss ya.
66 Matt BeaudryJanuary 21, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? Coach
Just about this time two years ago tonight we were rocked! Tearful, shocked and stunned! Time smooths the sharp edges of those memories and the peaceful promises of the everlasting gospel settle in the space between that cold January night and tonight. Doctrine and Covenants 101:16. Be at peace Logan Family! I love you guys!
65 LindseyJanuary 21, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? BY U friend
I have been avoiding listening to one of my mix CD's because a few songs remind me of you (baby it's cold outside from ELF!) but i pulled it out this week... Thank you for the smile (and smell) you blessed me with while you were here on this earth. I am so very grateful for how much I have grown and learned from you. I love you very much. Keep working hard up there!
64 LisaJanuary 21, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? I ruffled his hair one night
Today as I sat in my living room with my big crazy family, who was boisterous and laughing all around me, I looked up and saw your picture on my wall and I was struck speechless, I remembered so many things....no one noticed, that I could not utter a sound and that teas were filling my eyes and that I felt like collapsing from grief, I hid it as I didn't want to make a deal of it, but I wanted you all to know....now as I am writing, it was about this time that as Jaxon was being wheeled off the ice on the gurney, as the entire rink was silent, someone yelled clear as a bell, "We love you Jaxon!" It was then, after Coach had made sure that you were in the ambulance and on your way that he ran back in the rink and grabbed me and told the officials, "We're done, end the game." I have never seen him look that way before, nor since. Coach started running to the parking lot and I ran with him, within seconds we were in the car and on our way, Coach would not let me drive to the hospital. When we got there I tried to make a way for your teammates to come and have a private place to wait for news. As they started to filter in minutes later, one of them brought our program and showed us with tears streaming down his face, what you had written, that you "wanted to be remembered for your sacrifice on and off the ice." You will always be remembered Jaxon, your sacrifice will always be remembered. Logan Family, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I send love and concern and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful example.
63 Katie HaugomJanuary 21, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? Through Chauri
I might not have known you well, but what I did not know of you Chauri has filled me in on. You lived such a great and positive life. You had a great impact on many lives and I am sure many people have changed for the better because of you. I think about you and your family often and how I can make my life better. Thank you for all you did while you were here and all you are doing now. You already know how amazing your family is, but I have really realized it more and more lately. Once again you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
62 maryJanuary 21, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? Kenny's mom
My thoughts are of you and your family today.
61 maryJanuary 21, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? Kenny's mom
My thoughs are of you and your family today.
60 MegJanuary 19, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? friend at BYU
Hey Jax, just wanted to drop a line and let ya know that I'm thinkin' about you and your family. My prayers are with your family. This past year, my Dad was diagnosed with brain cancer, kinda makes you think how fragile life really is. I'm grateful for your example Jax in the short time I was able to know you. You always seemed to live life to the fullest.
59 ChauriJanuary 17, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? His Sis
Well Jax...I am ending a chapter in my life and beginning a new one. I am so excited about it and know you are cheering me on. Christmas was different this year I had a lot of alone time and it gave me lots of time to think about all of the good times that we had. The memories that I have of us are talked about often. Thank you for all the good times and I look forward to when we get to start making more. I love you lil bro...
58 darcyJanuary 17, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? his mom
It is hard to believe that it has been almost two years since you left. I will always remember our last phone call. You were so excited about the hockey game and we anxiously awaited to hear from you that night to tell us all about the game. We received a phone call, but never imagined how are lives would change in that moment. Your influence and your life have touched the hearts of many, many people. And none more than mine. I am different now and hopefully a better person because of what I have learned from you and from this whole experience. I see life differently and it has become so important that my actions reflect this understanding. I want to be a kinder person. I want to accept and not judge; to be more Christlike; to become who I was meant to be. Thank you for the lessons of life. They came with sadness like I have never experienced before. Yet, there is peace in your life and in your family's life. Knowledge and understanding bring that peace. Your departure day will be remembered with love and wonderful memories of a great life lived. Love your mom.

Thanks Mary and Kenny for thinking of us. You will always be remembered and considered friends. Darcy
57 MaryJanuary 16, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? friend of family
My thoughts are with your family a lot this month and I am thankful that we were able to meet your mom and dad. They are wonderful people.
56 KennyJanuary 8, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? did not
Hey Logan's I miss you guys. Rock on Jaxon
55 MichaelJanuary 1, 2007
How did you know Jaxon? Dad
Hey Son, The snow is falling like we have not seen in along time. I think of you often and know the new year will bring us closer together. All is well here with your earth family. I look forward to our time together. Some day we will meet again with all the blessings of Heavenly Fathers Plan to carry us into the eternities. Happy New Year where ever you are serving. DAD
54 DarcyDecember 27, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? mom
I went downstairs to play Santa Claus for Chauri. We put both of your Christmas stockings on the couch. I filled Chauri's stocking with surprises and goodies. It was hard for me to leave yours empty, so I sat on the couch and held it in my arms. I put your little snowman stocking next to Chauri's and asked you watch over her. I sometimes wish it were easier, but there are days that still feel so sad. I am grateful for what I know. I know I will see you again and that you will always be my son. I love you. Your mom
53 SaraDecember 25, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? ....
Merry Christmas Sweetheart. Thanks for everything!
52 billy roseDecember 14, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? family
hey jax, it has taken me so long to write this letter... i find myself trying to write it everyday... wow i miss you... thank you so much for watching over me everyday and listening to me! i know you are with me because i can feel you hugging me and telling me it will be ok... i thank you for that with all of my heart... i really dont know what i would do without you!!!! i cant wait to go home and see the family!!! as you know this will be my first xmas away from everyone... i just want to be able to go over to your house and smell xmas :) eat a yummy dinner and listen to your dad tell us the story of xmas and then lay on the couch with you and watch a movie till we fall asleep.... or sit at the little kids table again... can you believe it... i actually graduated to the grown up table..... it didnt feel right hahaha... oh man the boys are getting so big jaxon!!! i love being an auntie i just wish that i was closer to them! and kesley and bear... oh sheeesh they are all grown up on me!!!! thank you so much for always being their big brother and setting an example for them... your light is shinning in them :) they miss you so much too!!!! kelsey is getting excited to graduate and serve a mission... well jaxon thank you so much for being my bestfriend from start to finish!!!! i love and miss you so much but i can feel you with me at times... thank you so much for the hugs and the words of wisdom!!! i cant wait until i can see you again jaxon!!!!! i love you with all my heart and always will!!
51 LaraDecember 12, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? good friend
well friend,
everytime i have a dream about you i feel like God is sending me a little blessing that reminds me of you. i'm always amazed at how clearly i remember your face and your voice....anyhow, i had another dream about you. it was one of those where we were just sitting around visiting but it was Christmas time. You were always glowing around this time of year. You were always so busy, snowmachining, singing, things with your family....well. I love you and think of you always. Lara
50 Melinda December 3, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? sister in laws
Hi Jax, I was just thinking about you as Dustin and I were talking about Christmas. The last time I saw you, you were leaving for school from christmas break. You gave me a hug and held Xander for a minute before you had to go. I am so glad that Xander got to be held by his uncle. My parents are coming up for Christmas again. I am really excited. The last time they were up MollyJo was your shadow when you were home. Know Xander will entertain her for you. I love and miss you. I will be thinking about you through the holidays and always. Love ya
49 SaraDecember 1, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? ...
Jax, yesterday I was able to hit the powder! My first run was rough, but as I continued it got just down right awesome! The snow was amazing and I had a blast with Wint and the brothers... On my last run of the day I was shedding it up as much as this little amateur can and Wonderwall was blasting in my ears - that one was for you buddy, my humble attempt to give you a bit of boarding this year - I hope you enjoyed it! I'll give you some more soon.... Love you Jax, thanks for everything...
p.s. Darcy - I'm glad you are having a christmas for "you" and Jax. He may have given you a hard time about going overboard on the house, but we all know he loved it. Like I have told you before, one of my favorite memories of Jax and Dustin is when they were telling me about the house at christmas - so much animation! so much excitement! Wish I was there...
48 DarcyNovember 29, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? jaxon's mom
I was writing my family Christmas list and putting what gift I wanted to give each one. I wrote each of my children's names - Dustin and Melinda, Cortney and Jeff, Chauri..and then I stopped. I wanted so much to write "Jaxon". So, I did. And then I thought what can I give him? The thought came what I knew he would like...and that was for me to enjoy Christmas, relax, to do the things I love to do...like sew and bake and listen to Christmas music. I knew he didn't want me to stress or do too much and be so exhausted I couldn't feel the magic and love of the season. So, that is what I am going to try to give him. So, Jax, I know how much you loved the house decorated...even if you thought I went overboard...so this year is for you. We will enjoy the season together. Love your mom
47 DarcyNovember 29, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? mom
Thank-you Mary for your thoughts. We think of you often and hope your family is doing well. We will always remember your summer trip to visit Alaska. We wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas.
Darcy and family
46 mary strineNovember 28, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? his family
My thoughts are constantly with you and your family, especially during this time of year.
45 SaraNovember 27, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? more every day
Hi Jax, you were on my mind so much during my lesson yesterday. I cherish times like those... The snow is here Jax. They are forcasting whiteout conditions on the slopes for the next two days. You know what that means - I need to get off work Wednesday! Love you tons...
44 CortneyNovember 23, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? his big sis
Hey buddy, Just wanted to wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are getting all settled in Spokane and I'm really enjoying it. I miss not being close to the family, but have been able to talk to them a lot on the phone. Mom brought the boys down and helped me get settled. I don't know what I would have done without her. We are so blessed to have the family that we do. I'm looking forward to when we can all be together again. I love you Jax....oh yeah...I had Mongolian BBQ last night. I ate your share of the zucchini since I knew you wouldn't be having any. Love you!
43 sydneyNovember 22, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? his
I went to high school with Jax..he was truely the the sweetest guy I have ever known...
42 DarcyNovember 19, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? his mom
Hi Jaxon, It is Sunday and it seems that I think of you so often throughout the day, each Sunday. It is probably because thoughts of you always brings thoughts of forever families, the resurrection, eternal life and hope for tomorrow. We all helped with Jayme and Chad's wedding. Whenever we are altogether as a family, I think of you because it feels so good to laugh together, work together and love each other. You are always remembered. Just wanted to share a few thoughts. Good night my son. Love mom
41 TaliNovember 15, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? Im his true brown Cuz :)
I was just playing around online and I thought of you Jaxon... So I typed in your name into google and started looking at all the pictures and reading the article....Then I came across this website....It is beautiful man.... You still have a place in many hearts.... I know you are doing your thing....and the Lords work and I love you for that.... I wish we lived closer growing up so we could have been closer friends.... But thanks for the good times that I did enjoy....Oh and sorry for riding the quad without asking you.. :) you know us Hawaiian boys just get excited doing something new....take care of the rest of our family up there and even the lil ones that will come in the future....Love you cuz
40 LisaNovember 12, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? in many ways
Hey Jaxon, tonight was special to a small group of us in so many ways, first, and most...11-11...we wanted to do something special...it is your number day, but we were the visiting team tonight....11 - 11...people still write for your stickers for their helmets...all of our team wears them...second, we beat BYU, sorry, I know how much you loved to play for BYU, but I also know how you felt about coach too....it was a good win for us Jaxon, it feels good, some redemption... now we can just get on to playing hockey....though after we got home, Coach was too excited to wind down and he went to the fridge and there was Logan Caribou Sausage, a gift from your family...I remember the night in San Jose that you shared some with Coach from your always handy knife, he told me later that it reminded him of home...Jaxon, your example helped so many....your sacrifice will always be remembered...
39 SaraNovember 10, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? his Athletic Trainer
Hi Jax, I just wanted to say hi. You have been on my mind a lot lately. I seem to have the opportunity to talk about you more and more lately - I love that. I sent out more of your helmet stickers yesterday. This time to a family in Canada... I don't know how they heard about you, but you touched them and they want to join all of us in remembering you every time they hit the ice. You never fail to amaze me Jax.
It's getting cold and there was snow on the ground when I woke up this morning. We are all busy getting our boards ready for the slopes - they are planning on opening in the next two weeks...
Love you buddy, thanks for everything!
38 Keith JensenOctober 28, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? I met him through this website.
I teach at UVSC. A couple of my students are on the UVSC Hockey Team. While checking the time and opponent for tonight's (October 28th)game, I noticed a link entitled "Rock on #11." I clicked on it and through words, music, and photographs, I was introduced to Jaxon. Thank you for sharing with me. What a wonderful young man! My heart was so touched that I just smiled and smiled and cried and cried.

Here are some excerpts from a couple of my favorite writers:

" . . . the real but unheralded heroes and heroines of our time are the men and women of the earth who uncommonly resist the world's common temptations, who surmount the common tribulations of the world and continue to the very end in righteousness, arriving home battered slightly, yet much bettered. Such individuals may get little mortal applause or recognition, but there is real rejoicing elsewhere by those who really know what a good performance is!"

Neal A. Maxwell, We Will Prove Them Herewith, p. 45

Can such a union with God be the object of inordinate desire? Not if you understand it. Because you cannot inordinately desire God to be God. You cannot inordinately desire that God's will be done for his own sake. But it is in these two desires perfectly conceived and fulfilled that we are emptied into Him and transformed into His joy and it is in these that we cannot sin.
It is in this ecstasy of pure love that we arrive at a true fulfillment of the First Commandment, loving God with our whole heart and our whole mind and all our strength. Therefore it is something that all men who desire to please God ought to desire--not for a minute, not for half an hour, but forever. It is in these souls that peace is established in the world.
They are the strength of the world, because they are the tabernacles of God in the world. They are the ones who keep the universe from being destroyed. They are the little ones. They do not know themselves. The whole earth depends on them. Nobody seems to realize it. These are the ones for whom it was all created in the first place. They shall inherit the land.
They are the only ones who will ever be able to enjoy life altogether. They have renounced the whole world and it has been given into their possession. They alone appreciate the world and the things that are in it. They are the only ones capable of understanding joy. Everybody else is too weak for joy. Joy would kill anybody but these meek. They are the clean of heart. They see God. He does their will, because His will is their own. He does all that they want, because He is the One Who desires all their desires. They are the only ones who have everything that they can desire. Their freedom is without limit. They reach out for us to comprehend our misery and drown it in tremendous expansion of their own innocence, that washes the world with its light.
Come, let us go into the body of that light. Let us live in the cleanliness of that song. Let us throw off the pieces of the world like clothing and enter naked into wisdom. For this is what all hearts pray for when they cry: "Thy will be done." (New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton, pp. 294-295)

37 SaraOctober 25, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? his athletic trainer
Hey Jax, this morning I walked outside to go to work and it was warm! It's that "warm before the storm" we used to talk about... I chuckled as I thought of you. Remember when everyone else used to think we were crazy? Well... we were right. And today it is supposed to snow!! Wahoo!! Love you buddy, thanks for everything.
36 DarcyOctober 24, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? mom
Thanks Paul for your message. I am sure that your mom is very pleased with such a special son. We share some things in common...I am a mom who said an early good bye to her son and you are a son who said an early good bye to his mom. More important than that....we share a common belief, hope and knowledge that life is eternal, families are forever and love continues across the veil. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. We do strengthen each other. Jaxon's mom
35 Paul WagnerOctober 23, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? I was at the game when he died.
I was sitting on the front row during that game. I can still remember how it felt to see the gravity of the situation unfold. I can't describe the anguish in my heart at seeing such a splendid young man get taken from this Earth so suddenly. It brought me to tears and occupied my mind for weeks to come.

Just last year my mom was taken in a similar way, unexpectedly, doing something she loved. She fell from her horse and suffered a fatal head injury. I can say that I empathize with the loss of a loved one. It's a hard part of life. But I can also attest to the mercy and peace of God who will succor us in those times of need. It's a great comfort to know that it was my mom's time, and that she was needed for other things beyond this life.

I will always remember that day when Jaxon died. If I could I would thank him for the example that he left us, and for the bravery he demonstated in that game. And would I thank all of those members of his family that weathered the storm of his loss with faith and hope, giving something for me to reflect upon and remember in my own time of loss. The underlying message I wish to share is one of joy, that there will be a time when we all get to meet together again as friends. I'm sure of that.

Paul Wagner
34 Ronna OlsenOctober 17, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? He was my nephew
Dear Jaxon,
I want you and your family to know how much I think of you and miss having you with us. Last time your Mom and Dad were at our cabin your mom saw all the seashells I've collected. A few weeks later she gave me your collection of shells. I enjoyed unpacking each shell from your collection and a few other little surprises that were with your shells like an iridescent fish and seven cents! Thank you Jaxon for the great family memories and the shells. I have displayed them and think of you all the time. I know you are accomplishing great things because you are a leader. Leaders are alot like Eagles, they don't flock, you find them one at a time. We all miss you, God be with you till we meet again. Love Aunt Ronna
33 DarcyOctober 15, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? mom
Hi Jaxon ~ sometimes I come to your site and just write my thoughts... Sometimes I let the message stay and sometimes I just write and then delete it. For a moment I feel connected. Tonight I had everyone for dinner. We had braised tips, mashed potates and veggies...no zucchini anyway on the table. Dad is in Oregon helping Grandma Lyman so you and dad were missing. I love when everyone comes for dinner. I love watching all the little grandsons. We talk about you, and you are always missed. Every child has a place in my heart...and there is a lonely spot for you. Some how words can't express how I feel. How grateful I am for what I have come to understand and what I know. It some how helps the heart to find peace and continue on. Just missing you tonight. Love your mom
32 DarcyOctober 11, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? His mom
Hey Jax, Cortney and Jeff are having a little girl...but you already knew that. I am sure it will be a sweet send off on your part... because you know she will be with us and it will be a wonderful welcome because we know she will have just been with you. She will know her Uncle Jaxon. And we have another little one coming in June - Dustin and Melinda are leaving him or her in your good care until the send off. We love you son. Thanks for your influence in all of our lives. Love and Kisses, Mom
31 MeganOctober 11, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? BYU friend
Hey Jax, just was thinkin' about ya last night. Thanks for your great example. Miss ya! Git-r-done bud! (that was from Nate).
30 Elder FennellOctober 10, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? mybro
love ya buddy ROCK ON!!!!
29 SaraOctober 4, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? his athletic trainer
Jax, I know you were with me yesterday... what a great experiance, huh? It was wonderful to meet Lorie and be able to talk with her and remember that night. I have always been grateful for what she allowed us, thankful for her sensativity to the situation. I have no doubt that you were present for that meeting - thank you... It warms my heart to have things like that happen. So many people remember you Jax, remember your story, remember how you affected all of us. You are special! People can't deny that!! Love you buddy... thanks again...
28 Elder FennellOctober 2, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? my bro
love ya buddy ROCK ON!!!
27 Aunt LauraOctober 1, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? I'm his auntie
Hey Jaxy, Miss ya. We all do, especially Amby. It's hunting season and snow is in at Hatchers. The boys are getting big and growing into young men. Thanks for the example you set for them. Aunt Lo
26 SaraSeptember 29, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? his athletic trainer
Jax, I've been looking at your pictures all night and all morning; and you know - you had one fun life... In your pictures you are so happy, your face so bright, your spirit so strong. I pray that I'm able to use your example and pattern my life in the same manner. I think about you often and hope that I'm making you proud. I'm doing my best buddy - thanks for your help....
25 Elder FennellSeptember 25, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? my bro
love ya buddy ROCK ON!!!
24 GregSeptember 24, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? I didn't
I was checking out UVSC's hockey team page and came across Jaxon's page. I remember hearing about this horrific accident in the newspaper. This page is well done. Very touching! Seeing someone so young pass away is sad. Keep pressing on Logan family. I too lost a sister when she was only 18-years-old.

Great job with the site!

23 Elder FennellSeptember 18, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? my bro
love ya buddy ROCK ON!!!
22 Darcy LoganSeptember 17, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? his mom
Hey Jax ~ Just want to say how grateful I am that you are my son. Katie and Chauri talked me into doing a relay marathon - my portion being 9.2 miles...so, for the last two months I've been running..trying to get in some kind of shape. And as I beat the trails, I think of you. The outdoors reminds me of you because you loved it so much...and so do I. I often feel your presence when it is just me, the sky, the clouds, the trees, and heaven. Well, I ran the marathon and I actually beat my best time. Every time I started feeling like slowing down...I just thought about you and I could hear you say, "You can do it, mom." And I could see your cute little smile in my mind. And I kept truckin. We all love you Jaxon and you are never far from our thoughts. Your mom
21 lauraSeptember 17, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? good friend
sweetheart, i think of you so often.

liz and i took a drive to hatcher's pass very late the other night and thought of you a lot of the way.

we decided it would be much more enjoyable to look at the stars with YOU. we had so much fun together.

i love you and hope to see you sooner than late. oh yeah, and i remember when you wrote that essay. we had class together. i had a bad cold that year and you always told me to feel better but my coughing was annoying. haha. i thought of that the other day having a cough again this fall.

20 Ashley Thompson (Mills)September 12, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? went to school with him for many years
I was sad to hear that Jaxon had passed on in such an untimely manner but I think this site is beautiful and a very nice tribute to who he was and who he is in all of our memories. The pictures you have on here capture what I remember most about Jaxon which was that he always had that wonderfully warm smile on his face. He was a genuine good guy who never put on a show to just get a girl. He also never was nice to someone just to save face, he meant it when he was being nice. As cliche as it may sound to someone who didn't know him at all, he was a breath of fresh air from a lot of other guys most of us girls dealt with in school. He was charming, sweet, fun, and a great guy to see everyday in the hallways. I pass my condolences on to the family and many friends he had and thank you for making such a beautiful site for all of us to look at and remember him. ~God Bless~

Ashley Thompson
19 Elder FennellSeptember 11, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? my bro
love ya buddy ROCK ON!!!
18 SaraSeptember 11, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? his athletic trainer
Hi Jax, it was wonderful to be up in your amazing state of Alaska. My Pops was right, I ponder a lot when I am there... and I did experiance that unique Fall in Alaska smell. It is gorgeous, I cherish every moment I'm there. It is beautiful, but I love being there more for the people I'm able to be surrounded by. I am so grateful for your family and the strength, comfort and love that they give me. I always hate leaving - but I guess the bright side is that it will keep me going back often. I love being able to talk about you, share stories, share tears, share memories, share feelings and dreams. Thank you Logans for letting me be a part of your life and the ongoing care and memory of Jax, I cherish you. See you soon Logans... you too Jax, love you Buddy.
17 Matt BeaudrySeptember 8, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? coach
Sara is lucky to sit this weekend at your gravesite and ponder the eternities! Thinking of you and your influence on all those still here. Wonderful that your short mortality has magnified so many lives. Mine included. Logan family, may you be at peace. Get Sara to wet a line and smell that unmistakable Fall in Alaska smell.
16 Jeremy and LauraSeptember 5, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? The Logans are our 2nd family:)
What a beautiful tribute to Jaxon! We love you guys!
15 Elder FennellSeptember 5, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? my bro
love ya buddy ROCK ON!!!
14 MaryAugust 31, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? His parents
I think of you and your mom often. I placed your helmut sticker on my helmut today. What a lovely Who am I writing piece.
13 RachelAugust 30, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? HWY friend..
Hey, Jax! I always seem to have you pop-up in my mind... Just thought I would say hi back! LOVES
12 Elder FennellAugust 28, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? my bro
Love ya buddy ROCK ON!!!
11 SaraAugust 27, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? His Athletic Trainer
Hey Buddy, once again everything aligned just right for me to not be able to resist writing you a little something. Lee spoke today in sacrament meeting... you have been an example to even more people now. I am so proud of him, we have seen him come so far. You are a huge part of that, he knows it, the rest of us know it... I can't wait till we can be together again and talk about memories and the "good ole' times." There sure have been some great ones... Love you buddy, see you soon.
10 Elder FennellAugust 21, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? my bro
Love ya buddy ROCK ON!!!
9 SueElle O'ConnorAugust 21, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? friend of the family
What an awesome site. What an awesome family! There is a rare and beautiful thing demonstrated here and in your family, and those of us who know you see it and are blessed by it. Thanks, SueEllen
8 VanessaAugust 17, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? BYU friend
Hey, just thinking of you last night...miss ya tons!
7 Lee JohnsonAugust 16, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? good friend/team mate
jaxon i miss you man. wish you were here playong some hockey with me man.you have done more for me than anyone else has ever done. you are the true reason i have made it this far. i love u bud.

Lee James #24
6 Elder FennellAugust 14, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? my bro
love ya buddy ROCK ON!!!!
5 SaraAugust 13, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? I'm his Athletic Trainer
Hey Jax, styling pad!! (nice job Jeff...) I have been thinking about you lots lately... little things you know? I'm sure you do... Love you tons buddy, thanks for everything!
4 Michael and DarcyAugust 11, 2006
How did you know Jaxon? His Dad and Mom
Hey Jax-man we love and Miss you. Jeff, this is a great gift for all of us who love and miss Jaxon. Love Dad and Mom.
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