We appreciate the stories, thoughts and prayers of both those who knew Jaxon and those who've only heard stories of him.

We turned off the guestbook but plan to leave the existing comments up for as long as possible.

Who was Jaxon?

Jaxon Kent Logan. Who am I? Well there are several obvious things about who I am, such as; I am the youngest of four children. I have two dogs, two birds and a cat named frosty. I have lived in Palmer all of my life - even being born at Valley Hospital. Now, these are the boring facts, but who really cares, I want to tell you who I really am.

First of all, let me share what I like. I started skating at age four around our family ice rink, holding onto the back of a chair. That was the beginning of a love affair with hockey. I have been skating for over 12 years and have played hockey for 9 years. I love the sport because it requires coordination, skill and discipline. It has been a family tradition starting with my dad playing hockey in school, followed by my older brother Dustin playing for Palmer High School and now I trail in their footsteps. I started snowboarding three years ago. I love being outdoors and I love the snow. It is my source of entertainment, which brings me to my favorite activity - snowmobiling. If I am not going 100 miles an hour then I am just not happy. I spend a lot of winter days on my sled. It is a time to be with friends and with my family. It is also a time to be alone. I can get on my sled and just go. I can forget any troubles I may be having. It is my way of releasing stress. Even during the summer months, I can be found sitting on my snow machine dreaming of the winter days past and those to come. In the land of the midnight sun, I fill the long days with fishing and hunting. I started fishing when I was old enough of hold a pole. My dad would strap me to the back of the truck and I would fish with him until I caught my limit. To this day, my dad and I are still great at getting up at 4:00am to slay the Silvers.

I am glad I live in Alaska; it gives me the chance to have fun things to do because one thing I do not like is to be bored. I like being busy. I hate the feeling of not having something to do. It gives me a feeling of being worthless. I wonder why I am sitting at home when all my friends are out having fun. I like to be involved and doing something worthwhile. I also do not like zucchini. No matter how my mom tries to disguise it, zucchini bread, zucchini soup, zucchini in stir fry, it all tastes the same - like zucchini. And I do not like zucchini - any way!

So far I have shared what I like and what I do not like. However, to find out who I really am, one would have to understand my beliefs, because my life to this point has been strongly shaped by those principles. I believe it is important to stand for something. The standards I have chosen to follow give me a guideline for my life. I have decided to stay away from drugs or drinking alcohol. I want to be honest when dealing with other people. I think it is important to be kind and to treat other with respect, especially with girls. A lot of my friends, who are girls, appreciate the way I treat them. I don't say inappropriate comments to get a laugh from my buddies. I would rather have the respect from the girls anyway. I even open the car door for my mom. I believe in the principles of strong families and good marriages. These lessons were taught to me by my parents. I also believe that it is important to have a spiritual side. My parents taught me about prayer and religion. Through my own personal study and prayer I have come to find out the truth of these things for myself. The things I have learned will be the foundation for the rest of my life and my family's life to come.

My likes and dislikes an my beliefs and behaviors have created me. I am Jaxon Kent Logan.

Written by Jaxon - 2002

378 SSG Joshua Claeson, USAFebruary 21, 2013
How did you know Jaxon? Your sister is now my sister
I never got to know you, other that meeting you twice, but, I felt that you were a wonderful soul. Full of life and love for your family. I am hapy to say that I met you. Rest In Peace. You are missed. But then again, you know that.
377 AlinaFebruary 15, 2013
How did you know Jaxon? Friend
You've been crossing my mind a lot lately. I miss having you around and our chats. You always could brighten a day; always so kind and such a positive attitude. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. :)
376 KelseyJanuary 25, 2013
How did you know Jaxon? Brother
Hey Jax, you've been on my mind a lot recently and I always think of you when my skates hit the ice. We had a lot of good times together that have created many memories, and of those they are some of my fondest! I love you Jax and you were always the big brother to me that I needed. You have no idea how much you influenced me in our time together. Rock on forever bro!!!
375 MelindaJanuary 21, 2013
How did you know Jaxon? Sister
Our family celebrated your love today by going to a hockey game and out to dinner. I thought about you through the entire game. Miss you.
374 LauraJanuary 21, 2013
How did you know Jaxon? Auntie
Hey Jax. Amber and I talked on the phone this morning about you and your're wonderful family. Wishing you could have spent a little more time with us here. Snowed yesterday and thought about the days of sledding behind our houses on the back trails. The boys still have your yellow hand me down jacket! :)
373 Dan HawsJanuary 21, 2013
How did you know Jaxon? Teammate
Miss you dude! I just went through my photos the other day and pulled out the article in the Daily Universe the Monday after that crazy night eight years ago. It brought back a few tears. Not tears for you, as I know how much better you have it than the rest of us here, but tears for all of us who didn't get to say goodbye the way we wanted to. A whole lot of people continue missing you down here buddy! Rock On!

372 Darcy LoganJanuary 21, 2013
How did you know Jaxon? mom
It is hard to believe that it was 8 years ago in the morning that we had our last conversation with you ~ at least the last one ~ for awhile. You were so excited about the hockey game and the anticipation that you would get to play. We talked about your missionary paperwork and what you needed to get done. You asked for our credit card number so you could pay for your dentist appointment. It was the last thing you needed to do to be ready to submit your papers. You tried to convince us why you needed a car in Provo - because carrying your hockey bag on a bike was a little challenging. You always had a way of making your point and swaying your mom to your way of thinking ~ with a twinkle in your eye and that irresistable smile. We told you to call right after the game and give us the full details. We got the phone call ~ but it was not from you....only about you. It was a phone message that forever changed our lives, our hearts and our future. What I cherish the most is our last words....I said, "Love you Jax-man." Your dad said, "Love you son," and you said, "Love you guys." That was our last words to each other. And now I hear those words over and over again as a reminder of that eternal love that binds us together as a family. It is that love that comes from our Heavenly Father and brings peace to my heart. I love you Jaxon.
371 SaraJanuary 12, 2013
How did you know Jaxon? ...
And maybe, you will be the one that saves me...
Thanks for everything,
370 AdiJanuary 10, 2013
How did you know Jaxon? Friend
Jaxers - You've been on my mind lots lately, I'm sure you know why. Praying you'll have your hand in this. :)
Chad always says he wishes he could have met you, we talk about you often. I have the picture your momma framed for me hanging on the wall, it's a good reminder to cherish the time you have with loved ones, and always make sure you tell them how much you care about them.
Keep working on J, I know he'll come around.
I love you.
Adi Mae
369 MelindaJanuary 7, 2013
How did you know Jaxon? Sister
Xander got baptized over the Christmas break. I know you were there with us on that special day. Love you.
368 AndieJanuary 1, 2013
How did you know Jaxon? school

I haven't come to your page in quite awhile. You are on my mind so often though, uou were always such a positive person to get to be around and I always felt blessed the times that we would get to talk. I just wanted to say hello and share that you've been on my mind a lot lately. Looking forward to chatting with you again one day in heaven. :-)
367 MikeDecember 11, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? Dad
Just finished your Photos. Lots of good memories! It's snowing. Mom just made bread. Hope all is well.
366 jake December 8, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? brother
miss ya buddy love ya rockon!!!
365 Darcy LoganOctober 18, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? mom
Good Morning Jaxon ~ The snow is starting to fall and I know how much you love winter. I will clean up your rock garden today ~take home all of the turtles to winter in the shed until next spring. It is peaceful there during the winter; beautiful white snow covers the garden and it is so still and quiet. And then in the spring ~ it always reminds that life returns and it is a reminder that we are an eternal family. And the cycle continues. I don't know how many seasons we will go through until that time comes ~ I just know it will come. Watch over your nieces and nephews and friends. Love you my son ~ your mom
364 JakeOctober 16, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? brother
I've been thinking of you the last couple days Brendan Mattingley went missing in his cub on the 13th. Ben has being flying all day everyday from the time they realized he was missing. I think to myself I would have that same reaction if it were you. Give em hand, help him bring Brendan home alive and well. Love ya ROCK ON!!!
363 SaraOctober 14, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? ...
I'm teaching on Emergency Action Plans tomorrow... I'm using you and our story as a case study. We did it all right, it just never fell in our favor.... how I would have loved for that to be different. I would love this story so much more if it had a happy ending.
Thanks for all you have taught me, in so many different ways and so many areas of my life. I am grateful.
362 SaraAugust 30, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? ...
Hi Jax, had a fun memory with you the other day... enough to blog about. I will tag all your fam on it so they can see. We love you and think of you often. Thanks for everything.
361 StephAugust 29, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? BYU friend
Just the other day, I met up with a friend from BYU (who I met after your passing) who just happens to be from your neck of the woods in Alaska :) While talking, I thought of you and asked her if she knew your family...and she did. It is a small world. I was surprised that your name and face came to my mind so clearly. I am married now with 2 children and still think of you, especially when I reflect on my BYU years. It will be fun to introduce you to my family someday and reminisce about our fun at BYU. You are not forgotten.
360 JakeAugust 20, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? _
i miss you Jaxon yesterday was the hardest day ive had in a long time
love ya ROCK ON!!
359 DarcyMay 15, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? his mom
Happy 26th birthday Jaxon. I am not sure if age makes a difference in heaven...Probably not. But for me, you are 26 today. The snow finally melted, so today I cleaned your rock garden. It is one thing I can still do for you....besides be really good :-). It was so peaceful there and I felt content that life is as it is.....I still miss you though. Your dad and I took Grandma to the temple. As I sat there I had a little picture come into my thoughts. I thought about crossing that veil and the first person I saw was grandma....maybe because she was sitting right next to me in the temple. I felt such a sense of comfort to have my mom there; in the background I saw you coming toward me and for brief moment I felt a feeling that has no words. My heart experienced a happiness that went through my entire being. You smiled your beautiful smile and you said, "Hi Mom!" I don't know how it will be when I see you again my son; I do know that it will be a moment that will make all this missing you totally worthwhile. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Your dad and I love you. Love you momma
358 Kenny S.May 14, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? Hockey
Happy birthday! I think about you and your family everyday.
357 CortneyMay 14, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? Sis
Happy birthday little brother. Cole and I just had a conversation about you and he told me he's sad he never got to meet you. I told him about how you were there until 15 minutes before he was born and how bummed you looked when you have to leave for work. I'll always remember that look on your face. I told Cole that you got to meet him. And one day in heaven you'll meet again. I hope you get to eat cake in heaven. Love you. Happy birthday and rock on Jax.
356 MelindaMay 14, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? sister
Happy Birthday. Love you.
355 SaraMay 14, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? ...
Well, today concludes our birthday week. It starts with me and ends with you... I always have considered it a special thing that I get to share this week with you. I had a lot of fun this week, conquered a lot of mountains and gained a lot of memories; I would like to think it has made you proud. Happy Birthday, Jax. Thanks for everything.
354 Darcy LoganMarch 25, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? momma
Just having a "Jaxon" moment - as your dad calls it. Missing you ~ and thinking about you! Whenever your dad and I would go on a trip, we would say, "Oh I wish the kids were here - they would have so much fun." We just seemed to always have more fun when all of you were with us. Our best memories include our children and grandchildren. So, I often think, "oh I wish Jaxon were here...he would love this!" Of course - it always seems that life would be a little happier to have you here with us. Thank goodness for wonderful memories and enough to last a life time! Love you my son. Your momma
353 MollyJoMarch 16, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? Family
Just thinking about you, I miss you. I am grateful that I knew you. You have been an inspiration to so many. Love ya!
352 SaraFebruary 7, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? ...
Forever grateful for the memories and influence of you....
351 darcyJanuary 21, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? mom
Jaxon ~ I never want to go through what we experienced 7 years ago - right about this time; however, through these 7 years I have learned so much. Some of the things I have learned is that our lives, our choices, our example do matter. I have learned that kindness has a way of being remembered. I know that families are eternal and I know I will see you again. Everything that is truly important - is wrapped up in what I have learned since you left. I love you my son. Love your momma
350 JacobJanuary 21, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? Family
And by the way the aces are crushing the steelheads right now
349 JacobJanuary 21, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? Family
Jaxon I can't believe how much time has gone by but I still miss you as much as the day you died. I left my passenger seat empty for you today haha. I love you and miss you. ROCK ON !!!
348 JacobJanuary 21, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? Life
Jaxon I can't believe how much time has gone by but I still miss you as much as the day you died. I left my passenger seat empty for you today haha. I love you and miss you. ROCK ON !!!
347 MelindaJanuary 21, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? sister
Thinking of you and love you. Xander had a hockey game today at Seven Peaks and scored a goal for you. And while Xander was playing the game Jacob was busy picking up girls phone numbers. Your nephews are quite the boys.
346 Kristine January 21, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? friend
I am so blessed to have seen your family today at my work. They came in for lunch together after the temple. I miss and love you so much. Its amazing how many grandkids your parents have now. I also found out your sisters family just moved to Eagle River. I might have to take her up on the home cooked meal she offered. :-) always great to reflect. your family has been and will always be an example of a family following heavenly fathers plan. won't ever forget the fun times we had together....church dances, skating, playing in the rain, tipping the canoe, youth conference, me visiting u in Utah......:-) 7 years has flown by. Always thinking of u!!!<3<3<3
345 cortneyJanuary 11, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? sis
Just booked hockey tickets for the 21st. Love and miss you. xoxo
344 MichaelJanuary 3, 2012
How did you know Jaxon? Dad
Well we have seen another year come and go. Many blessings have come our way. New additions to the family and opportunities to be together. I look forward to seeing you again. Time is moving at a rapid pace. I am sure it will not be long in the eternal scheme. Love Dad
343 candiceDecember 12, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? high school friend
Jaxon, you know its been some time but I still think about you and all the wonderful things you did for those you knew. Just remembering you makes me try harder at being a better person. Taking the time to help someone, give advice, or just being there for someone in need. You truely are one of a kind and ill forever cherish the memories of you and all the fun times Cassie, Jake, and I shared together with you. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person and the best mother and wife I can be. God bless you and your family.
342 JakeDecember 11, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Family
Today at work I was jammin out to a song that make me think of you and brought tears to my eyes. Called "Friends will be friends" by Queen . I love you and miss you. I can't wait to see you again someday.
341 DarcyDecember 9, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? mom
I am not sure how many of our friends still check in - so if you do - we wish all of you a wonderful Christmas season. I love Christmas because of the rememberance of the Savior's birth - and why He came and for what He did. It is because of His birth, His life and His death - that we have hope~ hope in the resurrection which assures us that we will be with Jaxon again. I am so grateful for the many gifts this seasons brings to our lives. When I look at nativities - it is a sweet reminder that this baby-child brought peace to earth with His message. We feel that peace, that hope, that gift. We wish all a wonderful Christmas. With our love ~ Michael and Darcy
340 Billy RoseNovember 7, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Family
Thinking of you :)
339 DarccyOctober 25, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? mom
Hey Jax-Man, So we now have little Zoe May in our family - a beautiful little girl who will complete Dustin and Melinda's family. We went to the ice rink for Xander's hockey practice. I thought about you skating around the ice. It is hard to go there, yet, at the same time, I feel close to you knowing you had once been there. Our lives go on and you are and will always be an important part of our family. I know that little Zoe will know her Uncle Jaxon, just like all the rest of your nieces and nephews know and love you. You are their hero. You have an amazing brother and sisters who love and cherish their little brother. Thanks for watching over your family; especially the little ones. Love you my son. Mom
338 DabricOctober 17, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Friend of Family
I remember John Erickson saying in his testimony that he found his eldest son preparing for church putting gel in his hair and saying that he �wanted to be like Jaxon.�
I remember getting my Young Women�s Medallion and having a recognition night for those with similar accomplishments. We each had a table set up to display our notable achievements. I remember Jaxon�s table, put up to honor his Eagle Scout accomplishment, though he had already passed � and I remember wanting to be like him.
I remember Jaxon�s mom giving one of her many unforgettable lessons for our class and how touched I felt when she pondered how Jaxon would always hold her hand and that she knew that she would see him again � and that he would once more hold her hand.
Jaxon, though I never remember meeting you I want to thank you for the memories that you have given me, for they have taught me a lot. You have shown me that you can be a role model to others with out even knowing it. You have encouraged me to be a better person by your actions and living righteously. And, through your mother, you have taught me that one day I can be with my brother who is with Heavenly Father, and that I can hold his hand. Thank you. ~Dabric
337 CortneySeptember 13, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? sister
Miss you
336 LindaSeptember 7, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? friend attended college with him
Since the day I heard Jaxons story my heart has hurt for your family. Yet anytime that I need help with my testimony I read your powerful messages and remember that families are forever and your family is a true testimony to that and my prayers are always with you! Thank You so much for sharing!
335 DarcyAugust 7, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? his mom
I am not sure where the summer went to - it came and it is leaving..too fast. One consulation - the garden is full of veggies - even zucchini. It always makes me smile as I pick the big ones - and I say to myself, "This one is for you, Jaxon."...just because you were so adamant about not liking them. But, I had great fun in trying to disguise zuccini in all sorts of recipes. Some of them you discovered....but some of them you did not. To the great zucchini disguise!
Our family is growing. Your little nephews and nieces are so beautiful. I know you look after them. They all love their "Uncle Jaxon." It is amazing how they know you...and feel a connection to someone they know is very special. Kind of like Adi - today - just missing you - which never seems to leave my heart. Love you son, mom
334 AdiJuly 26, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Friend
It's funny how sometimes I find myself just reading through the entries posted here, and leaving without saying anything. It's even funnier on days like today, I feel the strong urge to say something...anything.
Love you Jaxon Kent Logan.
333 SaraJuly 21, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? ...
Thinking of you today. Thanks for everything.
332 Mary StrineJuly 17, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Friend of family
Ken and I think of you and your family often. Jaxon is forever part of our family.
331 Lindi LehnhausenJuly 13, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Friend
I miss you Jaxon. I always will.
330 DarcyJune 12, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? his mom
Hi my special son. I have worked hard fixing the yard over the last several weeks. You occupy my mind while I work outside because I know how much you loved the end results. I made a special, "Jaxon Garden" behind the house. So when I am working in the garden - I can see your picture and your turtles and flowers. Your garden spot at the cemetary did not fair too well through the winter. It bothered me that it did not look like a ~ happy ~ spot. So, I replanted it with happy flowers. I really love being there. It is peaceful for me. Our family will be together this summer - doing what has created so many family memories - fishing! I love when I have everyone here. Although life is busy, it is lonely without my children and grandchildren. I look forward to those moments when we are together. You will always be an important part of that connection. Love and missing you. mom
329 TREVOR C. STICKNEYMay 20, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? ICECATS HOCKEY
328 SaraMay 14, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? ...
happy birthday! Love you!
327 MichaelMay 14, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Dad
Happy Birthday Son, we miss you.
326 LindseyApril 28, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? friend
I have been thinking about you often and wanted to say hi. I wish I could have known you longer than a couple of months. You were and are a wonderful guy. Thanks for the few but awesome memories.
325 Billy RoseApril 25, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Family
Hey Jaxon... I can't help but see you everywhere I look lately, especially since it is spring in Alaska :) I am so grateful this Easter Sunday as I have had time to reflect on the sacrifice the Savior made... Easter was always my favorite holiday growing up. I loved the annual family egg hunt, it seemed like we would never get to participate with the big kids :) I can't help but rejoice in the triumph over death and knowing that one day we will see each other again. I am so grateful for our friendship... I can honestly say I don't know what I would do without it. Thank you for always knowing the right thing to say... Somehow I still hear your voice when I need comfort or guidance. Love you Jaxon!
324 Elaine IveyMarch 25, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? through his parents
I love your website :) I wish I could have had something like this for Jason. Yesterday was my son's 4th year anniversary home. I remembered yours was in January. It does get less shocking over time. I know our kids are having a ball and working hard in delightful surroundings, near us. God bless you each :) I believe that they would choose to go when they did (except they didn't have any choice), knowing what they know now. From their realm, this life is hard and better things await us! May they rock on in love and grace...
323 MichaelMarch 7, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Dad
Jaxon, The sun is shinning, there is heat in it. I still think of the week You, Tylan, Jake, Timo and I spent on the mountain snowmachining. Have fun in the work you are doing. Love, Dad
322 AdiFebruary 22, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Friend
I've been coming to this page almost everyday for a month now, trying to put my feelings into words.
I miss you, I love you and can't wait to see you again.
There are so many constant reminders of you. Jake & Dillan rode the sleds today & I could almost see you out there riding with them. Driving up & down our road, passing your parents, taking one last glance down at the corner before turning home. I don't do these things because I'm thinking of you, but because I do them, I think of you.
321 DarcyJanuary 23, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? mom
I went to the cemetary to leave a little wooden heart on Jaxon's rock garden - now covered with a white fluffy layer of snow. There was a single pathway from the road to that special spot - made with foot prints. A bouquet of flowers planted in the snow added color to the whiteness. My mind thought - Jake has already been here. Thanks Jacob. As I took time to read many of the very first entries written following Jaxon's death, I once again marveled at the impact he had on so many of us. Sometimes people ask me if it gets any easier with time. I am not quite sure how to answer that, because it seems that at this time of year, my whole soul remembers the sorrow of that night and the intense realization that he is not with us right now. It is not a depression or a feeling of hopelessness; just an deep longing to see him, to give him a hug, to hear his infectious laugh and to have more memories of him. The phone calls, the notes, the special turtle gifts, the flowers and Peace Lily plant let me know we don't walk this path alone. We have caring wonderful friends who love us and love Jaxon. Thanks to all of you. I love Hiliary Weeks song - "But, Just for Today - Let Me Cry," I guess that is how I feel about January 21st. Mike and I love you all. Jaxon, I love you.
320 CortneyJanuary 22, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? sis
Hey Jax - My day yesterday turned into a day of service. As much as I would have liked to just be by myself and think about you - I realized Heavenly Father knew what I needed to get me through my day better than what I thought I wanted. I spent the entire day with my niece and nephews from 3 different families. I did get out for a hockey game and spent a little time reminiscing with Jeff. I miss you brother. In life and in death you are an inspiration to all. I will always strive to be a better person so I can be with you again. Love you.
319 Tina GuyJanuary 21, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Friend
I cannot find words to express my gratitude to you, you have taught me so much. I miss you, and your contagious smile. I have really enjoyed going over to your parent's house lately, and seeing the photos of you, the memories come flooding back. Thanks for everything bud! I love you and I will never forget you.
318 Melinda January 21, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Sister
I love you and miss you. The boys talk about you all the time. Anytime they play a game and have made up names they fight over who gets to be Jaxon. I guess you are just too cool. Love you.
317 Stephanie BowenJanuary 21, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Adopted Big Sister
I think about you and your family every day. Your family is such an great example to us all.
316 Tara January 21, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Friend/ big Sis;)
Hi jaxon,
Been thinking about you a lot lately. Sure love you. Bryce still tells the story of you two snow machining and seeing the wolf. You made an impression on everybody no matter how long they knew you. Send an extra ray of sunshine to Chauri today for me. And maybe if you have time.. Jake too. Love you little brother can't wait to hug you again.
315 DustinJanuary 21, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Big Bro
Hey little brother, I am taking my family to the BYU game tonight against Weber State. It should be a good one. People still talk about you at the games when they see your number in the rafters. I am proud to be your brother.
314 SaraJanuary 21, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? ...
You have taught me to live a more fulfilling life, for that I will forever be grateful. Rock on, Jaxon... Rock on!
313 JacobJanuary 21, 2011
How did you know Jaxon? Brother
I can't believe it's been six year since you passed. I still remember that night six years ago like it was yesterday. Your were the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I wish you were still here and I'll never forget you I miss and love you man
ROCK ON !!!!!
312 MichaelDecember 29, 2010
How did you know Jaxon? Dad
Well Jax, we were all together at Cortney and Jeff's for Christmas. You were with us in spirit. We sure missed you. We look forward to the day we are all together again. Dad
311 DarcyNovember 16, 2010
How did you know Jaxon? mom
As the holidays come closer, I think of you often and my thoughts return to the last Christmas we were all together. Dad and I worked hard to get the renovation done downstairs before you all came home. I put Christmas trees in each of your rooms and we were so excited about being together as a family. I still look forward to us being together as a family. I have learned a lot over these last almost 6 years since you left. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has the answers to find happiness, hope and joy in this life. I know that as our lives draw closer to the Savior, we will find the answers to the questions of this life. There is peace and safety in following the counsel of a living prophet. And more than life itself, I know I will see you again. It is that knowledge that helps me live with the sadness of not having you here with us. Jaxon, you are a wonderful son and I am so grateful that we had you with us for 18 wonderful years....and we will have you forever and always. Love you Jax
Your mom
310 Sara & WinterNovember 6, 2010
How did you know Jaxon? ...
Hey Jax, you have influenced my thoughts a lot lately and I'm grateful for that. Tonight as Winter and I were talking in the car your song came on AGAIN! I love that they are playing it more and more.... either it's coming back in popularity or it's just been presents for me, either way I love it. We pulled up pictures of you, which led to pictures of Blaze and Cole so we could see your smile. As we were looking at pictures ANOTHER one of your songs came on! Seriously, it touches me every time and it always is special to me, especially now. Thoughts of you always make me smile and feel supported and cared for, it means the world to me.
Love you tons, Buddy. Thanks for everything.
309 DarccyOctober 21, 2010
How did you know Jaxon? mom
Hi Jax - we pulled up the carpet in the living for the remodel and there on the floor was all of our signatures. I remember when we did it. We let all of you write your names and any message on the plywood before the carpet was layed down. It was a sweet memory to read the names of Jake, Chauri, Coltan, Tylan, you and dad and me written on June 21, 2001. I think I will take a picture to keep the memory. I love the fact that you continue to be with us; I just miss the actual hugs and the laughter you always brought. We love you son and you are always remembered. Thanks for your signature. Love mom
308 jacobSeptember 16, 2010
How did you know Jaxon? brother
love ya man
307 HayleeSeptember 9, 2010
How did you know Jaxon? Friend
Today I had my first hockey class at BYU. We played a game at the end of class. I found myself sitting on the bench waiting to go onto the ice and memories of you flooded my mind. As I was thinking about you I glanced up at one of the instructors as he passed in front of me on the ice. On the back of his helmet was your number 11. I couldn't help but smile knowing you were there. Im lucky that I get to learn how to play the game that you love so much.
306 DarcySeptember 1, 2010
How did you know Jaxon? mom
Hey Jax-man, I hope you can help protect and support Ryan while he is in deployed. I know he will feel your presence. Take good care of our two new little grandchildren who are on the way. You are never forgotten and always loved. Love mom
305 Mike LoganAugust 22, 2010
How did you know Jaxon? Dad
Hope all is well where you are. We have had a wonderfull Summer. Miracles have made us think of you. Love from all. Dad
304 CortneyJune 1, 2010
How did you know Jaxon? sister
Hey Buddy,
Just checking in. We are having a girl - but of course you already knew that :) I know you are taking good care of her for me until I can hold her in my arms. The kids are all really excited about having another sister - everytime we asked Kennedy if she wanted a brother or sister - she said sister. I'm hoping this one will calm her down a little bit. Tina says I'm raising my siblings. Blaze is just like Dustin, Cole reminds me of you every day and Kennedy is very much like Chauri. Love you buddy. I hope all is well with you. xo
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